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Compared with other search engines, WauSearch gives you 25% more results.
WauSearch retrieves more results than other search engines, almost 25% more. This means more completeness for your search, more information, more content that you can use and compare.
Aprovecha al máximo las herramientas de consulta.
WauSearch offers advanced and friendly use search tools. Combines various refinements and filters to improve the accuracy of the results. For example, it is possible to search results whose title, text and links contain a keyword, or search results from a particular web site or domain, without knowing search operators.
Ahorra tiempo en tus búsquedas.
WauSearch presents the prepared search system that allows you to search directly for news in the media, to search for any service or transaction in the e-government of more than 180 countries, search for people and institutions in social networks, scientific search, syndication channels of issues that interest you.
Compartimos toda la información.
WauSearch allows you to download the results of your searches in a variety of formats. So we help you to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your work. Exports all the links, the title, text of the page in HTML format, CSV spreadsheet, or list of links in plain text.
WauSearch no te rastrea.
WauSearch does not collect personal data of the users, while respecting your privacy. Do not store the IP address, network provider, don´t use cookies to obtain sensitive information of the user. WauSearch only records the search parameters in order to improve the retrieval ressults, always focus on experimental, academic and scientist field.
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