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Wau Search

What is WauSearch?

WauSearch is a search engine developed for experimental testing of new methods of information management, retrieval and sorting of results. WauSearch proposes a model of search engine closest to the actual needs of the user, displaying a most simple design and affordable to the user, providing tools of refinement and consultation that any person can use in the act.

Who it is for?

WauSearch intended to be your search engine. You can satisfy simple or very complex queries. It is designed for the normal and expert users, archivists, researchers, reference professionals and any information professional.

WauSearch´s origins

Wausearch is the result of a large-scale research project, focused on main search engines on the Web, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, or Duck Duck Go. The objective of WauSearch is development of new technologies and applications that improve the capabilities of existing search engines, providing services and utilities that have not yet been conceived or incorporated in their designs. WauSearch is one of the first results obtained with this approach. Although WauSearch has been developed in a record time of 3 months, the original project from which it stems, it takes more than 1 year in active and has discovered several vulnerabilities related to the protection of the information in the search engines.

WauSearch´s objective

The objective of WauSearch is to provide all the information you need from the Web. WauSearch is a platform for test and experimentation in order to incorporate improvements in the concepts of information retrieval, ranking of results, query assists, information representation, utilities, exploration of results, that allow to innovate in the search engines sector.

How is maintained

WauSearch is maintained with contributions and donations from their followers and users. There is no financial support or funding to support this project. The total cost adds up to 180 € in the concept of basic server and domain. With the financial support adequate, WauSearch could incorporate new features and technologies more quickly, improve your recovery capabilities, accuracy, completeness, and stability of service. Help me to keep WauSearch with life!

What it means Wau

Wau is a typical Malaysian kite named "Wau Bulan" With the shape of a crescent moon and a geometric design. Represents the illusion of flying, to be more free, better ourselves every day, achieve our dreams, to seek new horizons, to find the wind to fly, learn something of the other, to seek inspiration. Wau is the dream for design and experience best search engines.

About us

WauSearch is a search engine developed entirely by profesor Manuel Blázquez Ochando. This means that everything you see was created, edited, programmed and designed by me. This massive work has a professional, academic, experimental objective, but is also intended to serve as an inspiration to current and future information professionals. WauSearch is an example of what a Documentalist can get to develop with proper tehnological knowledge. The documentalist must be a key professional in the social an bussiness network of a modern advanced country. WauSearch is a commitment to innovation, is a challenge to improve every day. This is my spirit, this is the spirit of all people we like WauSearch, Join us!

Our community

WauSearch is a small search engine, but it´s creating an enthusiasts users and contributors community which intend to grow this project. If you like WauSearch and you want support us, you can register in our official forum.
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